About Us

fortuna is a privately held entrepreneurial and innovative company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The fortuna management team has over 40 years of entrepreneurial business experience and has assets operating in different market sectors internationally. Our team of managers at fortuna led by the highly experienced industrialist M. Abu Taher, possess years of experience and technical acumen.


fortuna's mission is to help improve Bangladesh's economic well being in the global community by creating new opportunities. We are a business organization that provides a variety of quality products and services appealing to a diverse community. By building trusting, honest and sincere relationships with our clients, employees, and partners, we hope to cultivate a stimulating environment resulting in future opportunities for Bangladesh.


fortuna BANGLADESH was established in 1984 to manufacture and export garments. It has grown and diversified into a major industrial conglomerate. Starting with 140 sewing machines and 250 workers in a rented house, the company grew to over 1500 machines and over 2,000 workers in its own 120,000 sq ft facility, and has diversified into a number of other industries such as IT, Education, Restaurant, and Leather. Recently fortuna has sold out its garments division and has invested in a new shoe-manufacturing project with a capacity to produce 2500 pairs of shoes per day. Along with that, fortuna is opening in retail outlets to sell shoes, leather bags and accessories under its own brand fortuna. fortuna's IT division has received accolades. Infrablue Technology Ltd in 2008 was one of the winners of the FBfund competition administered by Facebook and funded by Accel and Founders Fund.

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  • Entrepreneurial vision of the company's founder
  • Thorough analyses to identify target markets and products
  • Developing trusting relations with clients, partners and employees based on honesty, integrity and sincerity
  • Ensuring quality in every product shipped to our clients
  • Making sure we follow through with our commitments
  • Maintaining an emphasis on innovative and forward thinking

fortuna is open to strategic partnerships and joint ventures that will help both sides to develop further and prosper in the long run. fortuna is currently looking for joint ventures in their shoe and fast food project. Please contact us if you are interested! For more questions about getting involved with us, please contact us.