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Fortuna Leather Craft Ltd

Bangladesh footwear & bag industry has developed much in recent years. Fortuna Leather Craft Ltd is one of the leading footwear company in Bangladesh. The state of the art footwear & bag manufacturing plant has a capacity to produce 6000 pairs of shoes & 500 bags per day. We have four lasting lines. The 40,000-sqft factory in Unit 1 and 30,000 sqft Unit 2 is located in Fortuna Park, Kunia, Gazipur Bangladesh.

Ruma Leather Indrusties LTD

Ruma Leather Industries Ltd was bought in 1991 to become one of the leading tanneries in Bangladesh. It is equipped with modern machinery and has the capacity to produce 500,000 sqft of finished leather per month. The tannery is located in the prime location of Hazaribagh, home of Dhaka's leather industry, on a three quarter acre plot of land. With the best technicians and management team, Ruma is driving to expand and reach a target of exporting $12 million annually.

Fortuna Fried Chicken Ltd

Fortuna Fried Chicken Ltd is a locally owned fast food outlet that is quickly turning into a national chain as it enjoys tremendous growth. Through creative approaches and quality food and service the company has created a name for itself in the local fast food market. We provide a combination of excellent food at value pricing, with fun packaging and a great atmosphere. Our mouth watering food will tickle your appetite leaving you craving for more of our delicious offerings. Our refreshing environment, freshly-cut salads and selection of unique chicken meals makes us a hotspot for eating out with your friends and family. Come today & get hooked to this good addiction.

Fortuna Agro Products

fortuna Agro Products has been established with the sole purpose of providing quality and safe food for the people of Bangladesh. With 20 acres of land in fortuna Park, Kunia Gazipur, the agro division is now focusing on providing fresh milk, producing puffed rice, chanachur, dry cake, plane cake, toast, bread and other products. We have our own distribution team to spread out these products to different places. We have the capacity to supply 500 liters of wholesome milk each day and these are available in our FFC branches and factory as well. We also have fisheries in our factory arena which can able to produce number of different categories of fishes. With fortuna Agro Products we want to reaffirm our commitment to serve this country and its people. We have also our own biogas plant by which we can produce alternative electricity for using our factory purpose.

Infrablue Technology Ltd

The consumers of IBT products and services always can expect to get anything that they need which falls into the area of computer software industry. IBT has demonstrated its expertise and excellence in outstanding customer satisfaction in Bangladeshi outsourcing, especially enriching the Bangladeshi web development history. IBT is the first and still the leading organization in providing best-in-class Social Media Marketing, Facebook Games, Business Solutions and Social Networking Solutions in Bangladesh.

Fortuna Shoes & Bag Ltd